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    About Us

    Activitee is a school sports and facility management provider in the UAE. Our objective is to create long lasting relationships with our clients and partners to add benefit to their sporting development.

    Using our expertise in running our own sports academies and holiday camps, we provide schools with a trusted partner to deliver a wide range of sports and creative activities, ensuring children enjoy and develop in a safe and responsible manner.

    • 25+ years

      Combined industry experience in the UAE

    • 3-18 years

      Programmes are adapted for all students

    • 30+

      Worked with 30+ public and private schools

    • 10+

      Different school rental facilities considered

    • 250+ daily

      Managed camps exceeding 250 children

    • 32+

      Different activities offered in schools

    Our Processes

    Every school is different, just as every child has different interests and abilities. We use a toolbox to tailor each according to the culture, needs and goals for each establishment. 
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    With your approval, we will survey the parents and invite teachers to survey the children about the activities and sports that they would like to see offered at the school. 
    The Open Day also provides a fantastic opportunity for children to try new activities that they may not have considered before.
    Typically we would first interview core team members and fully understand the requirements. 
    We follow this process: 
    • Interviews with PE department and Senior Management (where applicable)
    • Understanding of requirements and restrictions: rentals and academies
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    • Confirmation of facilities and times available and restrictions 
    • Fully costed proposal for review and approval 
    • Marketing plan 
    • Office / dedicated support team into place (where applicable) 
    • Open days

    With a clear understanding of the requirements of all stakeholders, we then offer a blended proposal to address all areas of need.

    • Multisports
    • Football
    • Rugby
    • Gymnastics
    • Tennis
    • Ballet
    • Basketball
    • Karate
    • Street Dance
    • Swimming
    • Hockey
    • Badminton
    • Parkour
    • Musical Theatre
    • Kung Fu
    • Rugby
    • Handball
    • Judo
    • Athletics
    • Volleyball
    • Muay Thai
    • Boxing
    • Cricket
    • Capoeira
    • Golf
    • Drama
    • Arts & Crafts
    • Yoga
    • Netball
    • Mad Science
    • Robotics & Coding
    • Fitness
    • STEM
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    Activitee has great knowledge and understanding of how to operate and promote sports facilities in the UAE. We will take care of the day-to-day operations for your sports facilities. Our concept would be to manage the whole facility whilst making it a sound financial business model.

    We ensure that your facilities are managed efficiently with a maximum ROI and minimum involvement from your staff.

    We provide an online booking system to facilitate and manage usage of each sports facility and will have members of staff based at the school to liaise with staff/parents/clients during school hours and shall have an Activitee representative on the school premises during the hours of facilities rental.

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    Josh is a tremendous, hard-working guy and a great coach. I am delighted that he has finally decided to go on his own. I know that Josh and Activitee’s expertise will be a great asset to any school or company in the UAE.

    Gavin Donoghue

    1st Team Sports Scientist, Shabab Al Ahli Club

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